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Donnie I had a double threat. Two really great women. First up was best selling author Judy Gamin. We discussed her book Age To Perfection: How To Thrive To 100, Happy, Healthy And Wise. She told us stories about the basic path to get there, eat healthy, keep sharp and many other tips  We talked about her dear friend Lucille that was a  centenarian. Lucille was a hoot and more active then the three of us. She was sharp and funny and still did the bicycle exercise before she went to bed. She traveled all over with Judy and had such a joy of living. She became one of Judy's dearest friends.  Her next book that will be out soon is Love, Life and Lucille...A memoir about a centenarian that changed my life forever. As a tribute to her pal. I know I'm going to read it. How lucky we all would be to have a Lucille in our lives. Judy is a warm, positive person with a great sense of humor. We loved her and want her back on when her next book is released. 
Next was my pal Alexis Hunter talking about her book Joi Lansing..A Body To Die For. Donnie kept looking at Alex's picture and muttering she is totally my type. She was open and fun. Of course we both loved her as well. When the podcast was finished I called Alex and found out new scoops. I asked about the ring Joi gave her. She still wears it to this day. She sent me a pic, so beautiful. Also Stan, Jois husband in name only did not know that Joi and Alex were a couple. Two years after Jois death from cancer they met up again and Stan asked her the question. Donnie and I both agreed that Alex's book should be a movie. A sex symbol that dated Sinatra, Sid Caeser and lots of others was then in a same sex relationship wouldn't fly. She'd have been a pariah, this is the late 60's and early 70's. Alex was called Rachel Hunter and passed off as Jois baby sister. Its a great read. A beautiful love story with a heartbreaking ending. Its a must read, must be a movie..

I want to thank Judy and Alexis for coming on the show and being positive, warm and very  endearing . WE LOVED YOU BOTH!!

Mostly thanks to our listeners. We so appreciate you
Donnie and Grace

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