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The guys disappeared..ALL OF THEM. My BFF and psychic gal Gina stepped up to the plate and did a great job.
Jim was fabulous and we talked lots of great and scary stuff. We discussed phonecalls from beyond,  premonitions, Near Death experiences, specifically Dr. Eben Alexander III, who was a guest on Jims show. He is a neurosurgeon that did not believe in life beyond and thought NDE's were a reaction from the brain , not spiritual at all and what made him change his mind. We talked Jims scariest story about a haunted RoadHouse. Gina told us of her premonition of 9/11. We discussed reincarnation, especially the stories of children who can name names and places of the life they led before. Lots of great stuff. I know I totally enjoyed it and want Jim back on for more of his fab stories.
Thanks to my lovely BFF Gina for doing a fabulous job as co host.
Mostly Thanks so much to Jim Harold. He is a great guy and I highly recommend listening to his podcasts. Lots and Lots of great stuff there. Here is where you can find out about all his podcasts.

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And most of all thanks to you all that listen. We really try to bring fun and interesting guests for everybody. Today is a good one.

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Mason Reese was a Sensation in The 1970's. He was all over the place in commercials, guest hosting The Mike Douglas show numerous times, also guesting on Howard Cossells (who knew) variety show . He made the cover of TV Guide. He was a lovable red headed moppet  that America fell in love with. WE talk his experiences as a child superstar, some of the people he met on his journey, he tells a particularly horrifying tale about Evel (name SO appropriate) Kneivel..Why did Mason cry when Harry Chapin played Cats IN The Cradle. Mason was an incredibly bright and sensitive child. WE talk about his mom that was not credited in The Big Sleep and why. She had many big scenes with Bogie. Her name is Sonia Darrin and she is still alive and living in the big apple.

It was fun hearing Mason and Donnie, old school buds, talk about their times at school. Poor Mr OHHH!!! Now Mason runs a Boutique management firm called Mason Reese Management. One of the artists he represents sings us out. I will link her and another client ,an incredibly talented twelve year old girl so you can check them out. I absolutely LOVED Masons sitcom pilot. He won TWO best actor awards, and the show and actors won a slew of independent film awards. PLEASE PICK IT UP!!! I will link his pilot to you as well. His cast are all from classic TV, Dawn Wells, Maryanne from Gilligans Island. She is a hoot as a cougar loving the young men. GRRROOOWWWWWLLL, Move over Ginger. There is my favorite Prairie Bitch(She calls herself that and was part of the title of her very good book) Alison Arngrin, who played the mean Nellie Olsen that was always terrorizing poor Half Pint until she was changed by love by Percival, Erin Murphy, that was Tabitha on Bewitched, Michael Learned from The Waltons, Robbie Rist, the jinx and the moment The Brady Bunch jumped the shark when he joined The Brady Bunch household and a few others. All were great and fun and the song, (I dare you not to want to dance when you hear it) music written by Robbie Rist .He filled us in on everyone. He was delightful and honest and adorable. We could not have asked for a better guest on our Premiere episode. I could have gone on but Mr Showbiz AKA Donnie Kehr had to book. Its a great listen, pass it down. please share it and listen to our podcast. WE have some great things coming up.
We want to thank Mason reese for coming on and being a great guest.
Also thanks so much for the listen.
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