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We talk to Non Secular Exorcist Rachel Stavis about her Memoir Sister Of Satan:Chronicles Of A Modern Day Exorcist. If you've seen the exorcist it isn't like that. No pea soup spewing.  Rachel has seen what she calls entities since she was a child. She tried to not see them but eventually she could not avoid them. She can see these entities attached to people. She also gives these entities different names based on the level of malevolence. I saw a Clive attached to Donnies shoulder trying to get him to stop eating pretzels during the show....didnt work. Rachel's is quite a fascinating story. I read her book and it was very good. she writes like she speaks. Very relatable and fun. She was a great guest. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. All I know is Rachel makes people feel better, she does not charge for exorcism but will accept donations. 

Then we had a humongous change of pace when we talked to the adorable Stephan Szuchs. He is doing an admirable project to clean up the land and seas. It's called Sustainable Joes. He was adorable, he liked my voice HA!! He also called me Miss Grace. Did he mean I was old??? Anyhow whatever he thought he is doing great stuff.

Thanks so much to Rachel for coming on the show. She was a great guest and it was a very fascinating interview. 

Also thanks to Stephan Szucs for liking my voice..HA! He was adorable. 

Thanks to you for listening to our show.
Donnie and Grace

Rachels book

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